Search Administration Completed Crawls Shows Zero Success

This is partly related to a previous post on “Sharepoint Search Stops Working With Event Id 2436“.  If you are diagnosing why no results are being returned, one place to check is the Shared Services Central Admin consol, in particular the “Recently completed crawls”.  The number in “Success” may be zero, indicating an issue with your search.

A little bit of background – Search Server automatically deletes links to documents if it can’t “find” them after three days.  This is to cater for server downtime of indexed content i.e. a file server is offlinen for 24 hours.  It is more efficient for search server to “hold on” to the indexed content, rather than remove it immediately and have to reindex it later on.  The unfortunate side-affect is that you might not find out that content is unavailable for three days, but we’ll assume you are keeping a close eye on all your servers 🙂

So, if you have zero items in your crawled content, there are several things to check:

  1. Check that your crawl account has access to the crawled content.  Try logging on with that same account and seeing if you can get to your data.
  2. Check the SharePoint crawl log for issues.  Note that you can use filters to narrow down your error results.
  3. Check the event log for errors, like the one above.
  4. Check the SharePoint log for errors.

On some occasions I have had to do a full content crawl after I have fixed the underlying issue.


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