Deleting a Shared Services Provider doesn’t delete (Unprovisioning)

I am installing a new SharePoint 2007 search server component to an existing server farm, and all went well until I tried to delete the old Shared Services Provider to add my new one (I probably didn’t need to but did anyway, and of course I got bitten!). I created a new Shared Services Provider, changed my website associations, then tried to delete the original Shared Services Provider. However after waiting about an hour or so for it to finish, the only update I have is the word “(Unprovisioning)” next to the SSP I tried to delete.

After checking on the Timer Jobs, I noticed one of the jobs was stuck at 0%: “Application Server Administration Service Timer Job” and pointing to the new server I added. I checked the doco for stsadm.exe and noticed the following:

stsadm.exe -o deletessp -title <SSP Title> -force

SSP gone, happy SharePoint 🙂


5 Responses to “Deleting a Shared Services Provider doesn’t delete (Unprovisioning)”

  1. Lisajo Says:

    I believe this is my issue, but I don’t remember what the old SSP name was. How can I get a list of SSPs that might be out there hanging around to look and determine which is/are old and need to be deleted?

    • gavinmckay Says:

      Hmmmm that is a tough one… there is an article here on enumerating via code, but you might also be able to just “guess” it. By default when you first create an SSP it names it (from memory) SharedServices1, also you may be able to check your SQL Server database names for [shared service provider]_DB and [shared service provider]_Search_DB.

      I would think there would be a database table you could also look at, but I don’t know what that is. If I find it, I’ll reply here.

      EDIT: Found it – in your sharepoint configuration database (*_Config usually) there is a table dbo.tbl_Objects. This SQL statement should display all Shared Service Providers within that table, and the Name is one of the returned columns:

      SELECT [Id]
      FROM [dbo].[Objects]
      Properties like '<object type="Microsoft.Office.Server.Administration.SharedResourceProvider,%'

      I’ve tested this on two seperate installs of MOSS and the results seem to be correct… hope they work for you 🙂

  2. Lisajo Says:

    Super! Thanks. So I should be able to just delete any SSPs listed that are not actively being used? or should I follow the instructions above to delete those listed in the table that I know are no longer functional?

  3. gavinmckay Says:

    Check the web-based admin tools first to make sure the SSP name you are going to delete is the one not being used by your sharepoint instance 🙂 Then you should be fine to delete it via the command-line above.

    Even if you delete the “wrong” SSP, it isn’t the end of the world. Just a pain to re-create them again, and probably more importantly you will lose search (which can take ages to re-index) and a bunch of other stuff like subscriptions, excel services, etc.

  4. Lisajo Says:

    Thank you so much for your help. There have been so many times that I post a question on a blog and get no response. It’s truly refreshing to know that someone is watching their site! And, that you explained it in a way that I, fledgling in SharePoint (and pretty much everything else!) can understand. You can’t possible know how much THAT means!

    Thanks again. I hope this is helpful to a couple other people too.

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