HOWTO: Add Alternate Access Mappings for SharePoint 2010 Internet and Extranet

One of my clients has just upgraded to SharePoint Search Server 2010 Express and has new server and network configuration. We are using an extended web application in SharePoint 2010 to enable Extranet usage. The external url is and internally http://companyweb. However the SSL cert stops at the firewall (ISA) and is then passed on as (i.e. http instead of https).

Links that are being returned were incorrect in my search application – http instead of https. I needed to add an alternate access mapping to point http requests and return them as https, but the Web Admin didn’t seem to want me to do that… I could only enter https OR http as my internal and external public addresses. Not what I wanted.

SharePoint 2010 power shell has a cmdlet called “New-SPAlternateUrl”. You can use “Get-SPAlternateURL” to list current ones. I ran the following commands:

1. New-SPAlternateURL -Url http://companyweb -Zone “Default”
this created my default internal zone.

2. New-SPAlternateURL -Url -Zone “Internet”
This created my external internet zone

3. New-SPAlternateURL -Url -Zone “Internet” -internal
This created my internal facing url.

Using this setup SharePoint 2010 now maps external requests for https://* to http://*, and then returns them as https://* for search results.



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