Exhange Server 2007 Edge Transport Missing Accepted Domains

After some major network reconfiguration, I needed to re-subscribe my Exchange 2007 Edge Transport server with my Exchange 2007 Hub Server. Everything went well, but after using the Exchange powershell command:


I got errors complaining that it couldn’t find ADAM instances in my configuration.

I checked my Edge Transport server “Accepted Domains” list and my domains weren’t listed. They were listed on the Hub server. I used the powershell command:


on both servers with the same result – Hub was OK, Edge was missing the accepted domains.

I used Putty to telnet to my exchange server from an external PC and tried the following:


MAIL FROM:email.address@otherdomain.com

RCPT TO:internal.address@mydomain.com

After entering the RCPT TO information (NOTE: make sure you use a “real” internal email address here), there was a slight pause and I received a “5.7.1 Unable to relay” error message. I believe this was because there were no accepted domains in the list, so the server didn’t know how to work out whether it should be taking care of the email address or dropping it (as a non-open mail relay).

To fix this problem, I renamed the names (not the domain name itself) of the accepted domain entries i.e. “my.domain.com” to “my-other.domain.com” for all my accepted domains. After another:


I got warnings that it couldn’t remove the non-existent domains, but it did create the accepted domains. I then changed the names back to their original on the Hub server, ran Start-EdgeSynchronization again, and it was all better.

I tested again with my Putty telnet session, and it accepted my RCPT TO and allowed me to send the email. All fixed!


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