HOWTO Stop the Java Auto Updater from running

We have a FAST for SharePoint 2010 installation that relies on the Java runtime to index SQL Server via the JDBC (Java Database Connector) driver. Java v6U29 introduces an issue when connecting to SQL Server 2008 R2 servers due to attempted encryption of TCP sockets, so we needed to maintain the Java 6u27 instead.

I didn’t want anyone connecting and running the Java auto-update by accident, so I wanted to stop the annoying “there is a new version of Java available” messages. This is performed by the Java JUCHECK application. To disable the Java auto-updater:
1. From the Start menu, open System Configuration
2. Select the “Startup” tab
3. Untick the “Java(TM) Platform SE Auto Updater 2.0”
4. Click OK
5. Decide whether you want to reboot or not when prompted

The next time your system starts you won’t be prompted to upgrade Java automatically. You can also just stop the process “JUSched” in Windows Task Manager as well



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