Diagnosing Backup Problems with Data Protection Manager 2012

I’ve used Data Protection Manager 2010 and 2012 for some of my clients who have a Microsoft-only environment. They generally use it to back up primary systems such as System State for servers, Exchange Server and SQL Server. This post is showing some of the issues I have had and resolutions for Data Protection Manager 2012 (though the same would generally apply for 2010 in most cases).

For any issues with recovery point creation you should look at the Monitoring section as this will give you the most information about failed backup jobs.

System State Fails for Windows Server 2008

My Windows Server 2003 server had no problems, but all Windows Server 2008 servers failed. The fix for this issue was to make sure Windows Server Backup is installed on the Windows Server 2008 servers. This is a feature that can be added via Manage Computer.

SQL Server Recovery Point Errors

One of my previous recovery point jobs had been running as a process on SQL Server for days, and it took me a while to track it down. I killed the process via SQL Managed Studio and restarted the recovery point job on Data Protection Manager.

Another issue I found was a rogue Transaction Log that was enormous (72GB) but was 99% empty. I manually backed up the data and transaction log until I was able to shrink the transaction log down to 200MB. Running the consistency check worked from then on.

Microsoft Exchange Recovery Point Errors

This occurred during a replacement for the self-signed certificate on the Exchange Edge subscription. I had to recreate the self-signed certificate and re-enroll the server, which caused issues during the recovery point creation process.


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