Shared Properties Not Available for Selection in Document Set Content Type

We are using Document Set-based content types to manage documents in our SharePoint 2013 collaboration environment. Document Sets include the ability to use Shared Properties. Shared Properties allow you to pre-set values that will be pushed down to any document within the Document Set, and are great for discovery and automatic settings.

One of our Document Set-based content types wasn’t letting us select all of our site columns as Shared Columns. Even though the Site Columns were added to the content type, they didn’t all appear. Of the 8 site columns added to the content type, only 3 were available for selection as Shared Columns. You can view Shared Columns within any content type based on a Document Set by selecting the Document Set settings link in the Content Type edit screen.

The issue was identified after some Internet sleuthing on the problem. Some of our site columns were set to not display in the Edit form, and this is a requirement to be selectable as a Shared Property.

Background information is here:

The site column property for us was ShowInEditForm=FALSE. Changing this site column property allowed us to select it as a Shared Property. The following PowerShell commands allow you to set this field.

$web = Get-SpWeb http://my-web-url
$web.Fields["InternalFieldName"].ShowInEditForm = $true

After setting this property the field showed up in the Shared Columns list immediately.


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