HOWTO Fix Office Web Apps 2013 Unhealthy Status

This issue popped up in a recent deployment of Office Web Apps 2013. The machine status of Unhealthy was being reported when using the following commands on all machines in the farm:

$farm = Get-OfficeWebAppsFarm

Looking in the machine event log, the following entries related to OneNote was appearing:

WebOneNoteWatchdoc reported status for OneNoteMerge in category ‘Ping’. There was no endpoint listening at net.pipe://localhost/MergeService that could accept the message.

A quick bit of searching came up with the following:

“Just wanted to re-confirm this was the answer. I had installed Office WA on:
D:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Web Apps\

unknown to me, one component had been created in:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Web Apps\OneNoteMerge

This was generating the
“Exception while executing OneNoteMergeService Ping check” and “Health report by WebOneNoteWatchdog: Agent: OneNoteMerge, eventId: 1141″ in the ULS log files.

Copy OneNoteMerge folder to D drive folder and OWA now healthy (after a short delay). Definitely a bug for our dear friends at Microsoft to sort out.”

This fix worked for me as well – manually copying the OneNoteMerge folder from [C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Web Apps] to [D:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Web Apps] followed by a reboot fixed my issue!


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