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Studying for Exam 70-331: Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Part 2 – Case Studies

April 29, 2013

This is the second post in my study guide for the Microsoft certification exam 70-331: Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint 2013. The first post includes information on the format of the exam and the relevant Microsoft articles that you need to know for a full understanding of the content of the exam.

Format of the Case Studies

Each case study includes the following sections:

  • Background: General information on the case study
  • Business Requirements: What requirements from the business need to be met by the solution
  • Technical Requirements: What technical requirements from the business need to be met by the solution
  • Questions: Various questions based on the information within the case study

You cannot move between the case studies. After submitting your answers for the case study, you cannot go back to a previously submitted case study.

Warning: the following case studies are not representative of the exam. They have been made up (by me) to illustrate the type of content that will be assessed and the questions you may be asked.

Case Study Example 1


Your company, Contoso, is deploying SharePoint 2010 for the first time. The site will be used for internal collaboration and search, as well as publishing content to an externally facing SharePoint 2010 Internet site. Images need to be uploaded to the shared library on the site, and the images can be up to 10MB in size.

Business Requirements

  • All users must be able to add images to the shared pictures library
  • Only Image Approvers can approve images for publishing

Technical Requirements

  • All servers should meet the minimum hardware requirements
  • The minimum required operating system must be used
  • The minimum required SQL Server version must be used
  • Antivirus must be installed on all servers

Case Study Example 2


Your company, WingTipToys, sells toys throughout the World via mail order. You have partnered with three other companies in order to control inventory, distribution, and manufacturing. They are:

  1. BuzzToys, who make the toys;
  2. StoreToys, who manage warehouse inventory and stock order levels; and
  3. SendToys, who distribute toys throughout the world

Your company has a SharePoint 2013 environment deployed as an extranet and there are different site collections for each partner so you can collaborate on toys manufacturing and distribution. Each partner company has different requirements for access to the SharePoint 2013 environment.

Business Requirements

  • Staff at WingTipToys must be able to read all content across the portal, but only be able to make changes to their own sites
  • BuzzToys must be able to make changes to their own sites, but not be able to view other sites that aren’t their own
  • StoreToys must be able to read WingTipToys sites and change their own sites, but not be able to read any other sites
  • SendToys must only be able to read content on WingTipToys sites
  • Search results must only display information for content they are allowed to see

Technical Requirements

  • SharePoint must be configured to use Windows Security Groups to control access to sites
  • Search must be configured with the least number of content indexes
  • Content types must be kept to a minimum
  • All access to sites must be encrypted

Case Study Example 3


Your company, Contoso, has an existing SharePoint 2013 On-Premise site. You are merging with another company, Advantra, who have a SharePoint Online instance available with a large number of documents stored on the site.

You must design a solution that will allow staff from Contoso and Advantra to continue to be able to access their content, but Contoso staff must also be able to access and change Advantra documents as part of the merger. Advantra staff cannot access Contoso content.

Business Requirements

  • Contoso staff should be able to change content in the Advantra site
  • Advantra staff should not be able to access content in the Contoso site
  • Contoso SharePoint administrators should be able to configure the Advantra site
  • Search results from the Contoso site must include results from the Advantra site as well

Technical Requirements

  • Contoso users must have single sign-on access to the Advantra site